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AmplifyRP® XRT+ for Cms (Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus)

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XCS 70002/0048
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Test Label: Biotin labeled primer / FAM probe
Test Format: AmplifyRP® XRT+

Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus (Cms) is the causal agent of bacterial ring rot in potato and is a zero tolerance pathogen in US and Canadian seed certification programs. Infected tuber lots exhibit range of symptoms depending on the level of infection, the cultivar, and environment. One of the most classical visual symptoms in tubers is decaying vascular ring tissue which may be evident when the tuber is cut. Cms is most commonly spread through contaminated seed cutting tools and / or farm equipment.

Agdia's AmplifyRP XRT+ assay for Cms is an isothermal DNA amplification and detection system that rapidly amplifies small portions of DNA unique to Cms. It is highly specific and is validated to have equivalent or better analytical sensitivity than commonly used laboratory PCR methods (e.g., CelA or Cms50) used for Cms diagnosis. Prior molecular diagnostic experience is not required to perform AmplifyRP XRT+ tests.

XRT+ is our most flexible AmplifyRP platform and offers the option of either real-time detection (Image 1) or end-point detection (Image 2). Real-time detection is completed using the field deployable (battery operated) AmpliFire fluorometer. Assay parameters are loaded via barcode and results are automatically displayed as ( + ) or ( - ).

If you need a printable barcode for this assay, click here.

End-point detection can alternatively be completed by performing the amplification step in a small 39°C heat block followed by amplicon detection using an Amplicon Detection Chamber (sold separately).

Limit of Detection (LOD): 22 copies of Cms recombinant plasmid DNA / 500 fg genomic DNA.

Specificity: No known cross-reactions to other pathogens

Total Assay Time: Less than 30 minutes when used with the AmpliFire as a real-time assay. Less than 45 minutes when used with the Amplicon Detection Chamber as an end-point assay.

  • Technical Information
  • Includes
  • Includes:

    • XRT+ reaction pellets for Cms (48)
    • Pre-filled 100 µL PD1 Pellet diluent tubes (48)
    • Amp1 extraction buffer (55 mL)
    • User Guide
    If you plan to use this assay as a real-time assay you will need to purchase the following items separately:
    • AmpliFire Isothermal Fluorometer
    If you plan to use this assay as a end-point detection assay you will need to purchase the following items separately:
    • AmplifyRP Acceler8 starter pack
    • Amplicon detection chambers
    • Disposable transfer pipettes (optional if you don't have laboratory pipettes)