AmpliFire® Isothermal Fluorometer

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AFR 60400
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    AmpliFire is a portable, battery-powered, isothermal fluorometer that performs amplification and detection in as little as 10 minutes when paired with AmplifyRP XRT and XRT+ chemistry. Featuring an intuitive touch screen interface, integrated analysis software, and barcode scanning for protocol setup, the AmpliFire offers the ultimate ease of use!

    Key Features
    • Easy portability enabled by small size and rechargeable battery that lasts up to six hours
    • Easy to use, full-color, touch screen interface
    • Up to eight samples per run
    • Ten second scan time across three fluorescence channels
    • Supports multiple isothermal chemistries
    • Use in lab or field settings
    • Crude sample preparation
    • Rapid sample to answer functionality
    • Light weight and small footprint
    • Intuitive software workflow
    Software and Data Analysis
    • Integrated barcode scanner automatically loads protocols
    • Amplification curves displayed in real time
    • Positive, negative, and indeterminate calls made automatically
    • Supports multiple calling algorithms
    • Detailed data export available in CSV format

    AmpliFire® is a registered trademark of Agdia, Inc.