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ImmunoStrip® for Bt-Cry3Bb1

Part Number:
STX 06100/0050
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Test Label: NA
Test Format: ImmunoStrip®
Capture Reagent: NA
Detection Reagent: NA

Intended Use:

This kit is intended for seed quality purposes to determine the presence of the Bt-Cry3Bb1 protein in seed and leaves of corn. The expression of Bt-Cry3Bb1 transgenic protein in plants results in the corn rootworm (CRW) resistance trait in corn. Bt-Cry3Bb1 acts as a biopesticide against the CRW complex (Diabrotica spp.).

This test system can be used to test individual corn seed and corn leaf or detect 1 transgenic Bt-Cry3Bb1 seed in 100 corn seeds (1%) and 1 transgenic Bt-Cry3Bb1 leaf in 100 corn leaves (1%). Validation testing at the 1% level produced a false positive and false negative error rate of 0%.

This test shows no cross-reaction with Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac, Bt-Cry1C, Bt-Cry1F, Bt-Cry2A, Bt-Cry3A, Bt-Cry9C or CP4 EPSPS (Roundup Ready®).


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