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AmplifyRP® XRT for IC18s (Endogenous plant control)

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XCS 50400/0048
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AmplifyRP® XRT for Endogenous plant control (IC18s) is a rapid ribosomal DNA (rDNA) amplification and detection platform designed to supplement Agdia’s XRT assays. This kit can be used as a sample quality check, as a process control, or as a training kit for XRT technology. This kit includes lyophilized reaction pellets containing the necessary reagents to amplify plant rDNA at a single operating temperature (42 °C).

AmplifyRP® XRT is a real-time isothermal nucleic acid amplification and detection system that rapidly amplifies small portions of DNA or RNA and offers unrivaled detection capabilities in an easy-to-use testing format. It offers comparable sensitivity and specificity to published PCR methods while eliminating laborious and costly nucleic acid extractions.

The test can be performed virtually anywhere using the battery operated AmpliFire® fluorometer. Assay parameters are loaded via barcode and results are automatically displayed as ( + ) or ( - ). NOTE: This assay requires a fluorometer to work properly.

Prior molecular diagnostic experience is not required to perform AmplifyRP® XRT tests. Total assay time is less than 30 minutes when used with the AmpliFire® as a real-time assay.

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  • XRT reaction pellets for IC18s
  • Pre-filled 100 µL PD1 Pellet diluent tubes
  • GEB-filled mesh extraction bags
  • User Guide

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Validation Report Summary

Test Format: AmplifyRP® XRT
Target Label: Rox-labeled target probe
Internal Control: N/A

Full Validation Report

Plant Species Detected
Abutilon leaves African violets leaves Agave leaves Allium leaves
Almond leaves Alstromoeria leaves Alternanthera leaves Anemone bulbs
Anemone leaves Angelonia leaves Arborvitae leaves Artemesia leaves
Artichoke leaves Astilbe leaves Banana leaves Banana midribs
Bean leaves Bean petioles Beet leaves Begonia leaves
Calibrachoa leaves Calla lily leaves Calla lily stems Camellia leaves
Chenopodium leaves Cistus creticus leaves Cistus monspeliensis leaves Clematis leaves
Coast live oak leaves Coast redwood leaves Coleus leaves Concolor fir leaves
Coreopsis leaves Corn leaves Cotton leaves Cowpea leaves
Creeping oregon grape leaves Cucumber leaves Daffodil bulbs Daffodil leaves
Dahlia leaves Dianthus leaves Dicentra alba leaves Dicentra spectabilis leaves
Douglas Fir leaves Epimedium leaves European Yew leaves Frasier fir leaves
Geranium leaves Geranium stems Giant sequoia leaves Gladiolus leaves
Grape leaves Grapefruit leaves Gynura leaves Hemp leaves
Hemp petioles Hemp stems Heuchera leaves Himalayan blackberry leaves
Hops leaves Hosta leaves Hyacinth leaves Hydrangea leaves
Japanese larch leaves Lantana camara leaves Lettuce leaves Lettuce petioles
Lettuce petioles Lilac leaves1 Limonium leaves Lobelia leaves
Loropetalum leaves Maidenhair fern leaves Mandevilla dipladenia leaves Marigold leaves
Mum leaves Nemesia leaves Nicotiana benthamiana leaves Norway spruce leaves
Oleander leaves Onion leaves Orchid leaves Pansies leaves
Papaya leaves Pea leaves Penstemon leaves Peony leaves
Peperomia leaves Pepper leaves Petunia leaves Phlox drummondii leaves
Phlox hybrid leaves Pistachio leaves Polygala leaves Portulaca leaves
Potato cores Potato leaves Potato peels Potato sprouts
Potato tissue culture plantlets Potato tubers Pumpkin leaves Quercus ilex leaves
Quercus rubra leaves Ranunculus leaves Red cedar leaves Red maple leaves
Rhododendron leaves Rose leaves Salal leaves Scotch pine leaves
Sedum leaves Snapdragon leaves Southern magnolia leaves Soybean leaves
Spinach leaves Squash leaves Strawberry leaves Sugar beet leaves
Sugar beet petioles Tanoak leaves Tomato leaves Tomato petioles
Tulip bulbs Tulip leaves Verbena leaves Viburnum leaves
Vinca leaves Vinca petioles Western hemlock leaves White oak leaves
Yew leaves Zucchini leaves

1Only validated to be used with GEB2

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