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Membrane Kit for CSVd

Part Number:
NAK 09000
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IMPORTANT: U.S. law requires that plant materials entering the U.S. from foreign countries are first inspected by a USDA APHIS inspection station. This permit packet facilitates that process and is required to submit membranes to our laboratory. Membranes that are shipped absent a permit packet will be destroyed upon arrival. To order a NAK Permit Packet please click here.

Intended Use:

The Chrysanthemum stunt viroid Nucleic Acid Hybridization Assay is used to detect the presence of CSVd in Chrysanthemum, Argyranthemum, and other ornamentals such as Brugsmania, Petunia, and Verbena.

We supply Ames buffer for sample extraction and the membrane on which to spot samples. You can composite up to 10 samples per spot.

After the membrane has been spotted return the membrane to Agdia.

We will complete the nucleic acid hybridization assay at our lab and contact you with the results. Membrane processing is included in the assay price.

Results can be requested by phone call, email, or fax. Results are usually available within four business days. A final written report is then mailed to you.