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NAK Permit Packet

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NAK 07500
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Intended Use:

The NAK permit packet is required for international shipment of spotted membranes to Agdia Testing Services laboratory.


U.S. law requires that plant materials entering the U.S. from foreign countries are first inspected by a USDA APHIS inspection station. This permit packet facilitates that process and is required to submit membranes to our laboratory. Membranes that are shipped absent a permit packet will be destroyed upon arrival.

For more information on how to send in samples, please contact Testing Services at 574-264-2014 (toll-free 800-622-4342) or at

For a copy of a Membrane Submission Form, please click here.


  • International permit for movement of plant material
  • Red/white label
  • Shipping label for transfer of material from APHIS inspection station to Agdia Testing Services