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Membrane Kit for CChMVd

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NAK 07000
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IMPORTANT: U.S. law requires that plant materials entering the U.S. from foreign countries are first inspected by a USDA APHIS inspection station. This permit packet facilitates that process and is required to submit membranes to our laboratory. Membranes that are shipped absent a permit packet will be destroyed upon arrival. To order a NAK Permit Packet please click here.

Intended Use:

Nucleic acid hybridization is an important method in detecting Chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid (CChMVd). The Agdia hybridization test involves the extraction and enrichment of RNA from infected plants and the use of a probe that is specific to CChMVd RNA . When samples are prepared as recommended, the test is highly specific and highly sensitive.

The Agdia CChMVd nucleic acid hybridization kit includes a detailed protocol and most reagents necessary to extract and enrich RNA from plant samples. See the user guide for details on the additional reagents required.

After extraction, simply spot samples on the provided membrane and return it to Agdia.

We will complete the nucleic acid hybridization assay at our lab and contact you with the results. Membrane processing is included in the assay price.

Results can be requested by phone call, email, or fax. Results are usually available within four business days. A final written report is then mailed to you.


  • Nylon membrane
  • CChMVd extraction buffer
  • RNAse-free water
  • Sodium acetate (NaAc)
  • Binding buffer
  • Nonionic cellulose
  • Elution buffer
  • User Guide
  • Membrane submission form
  • Membrane processing and confidential written report