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Membrane Kit for ASBVd

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NAK 63900
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IMPORTANT: U.S. law requires that plant materials entering the U.S. from foreign countries are first inspected by a USDA APHIS inspection station. This permit packet facilitates that process and is required to submit membranes to our laboratory. Membranes that are shipped absent a permit packet will be destroyed upon arrival. To order a NAK Permit Packet please click here.

Intended Use:

Avocado sunblotch viroid (ASBVd) is found in avocado growing regions worldwide. Trees infected with ASBVd can result in a loss of yield and / or production of unmarketable fruit. However, symptoms are not always present making proactive testing a critical disease control measure.

Agdia's ASBVd Nucleic Acid Hybridization Assay is a convenient and economical method for testing. The assay's limit of detection is approximately 12.5 picograms of in vitro expressed ASBVd RNA.

End-users are only required to prepare the sample extracts and spot them onto a specially treated membrane, which is provided in the kit. Once this is completed, the membrane is then shipped to Agdia's Testing Services Department where the chemiluminescent hybridization is performed by highly trained technicians. This analysis is included the price. Results are usually reported within one week of our laboratory receiving the membrane for analysis.

Also Available for Avocado

For customers that wish to mail samples to Agdia Testing Services, we now offer an Avocado Screen that includes testing for:

Avocado sunblotch viroid (ASBVd), Phytophthora (Phyt), Rhizoctonia solani (Rhiz), and Xanthomonas campestris (Xc)

For more information on how to send in samples, please contact Testing Services at 574-264-2014 (toll-free 800-622-4342) or at

NOTE: Research grade chloroform is required for the sample extraction step and is not included in this kit.


Required but Not Included:

  • NAK Permit Packet (Foreign Shipments Only)
  • Microcentrifuge tubes
  • Research grade chloroform
  • Pipettes and pipette tips

For a full list of included items, including sizes, please see the Content List.

Validation Report Summary

Target Label: Chemiluminescent probe
Internal Control: N/A
Test Format: RNA Hybridization

Full Validation Report

Analytical Sensitivity
Limit of detection: Approximately 12.5 pg of in vitro expressed RNA

Isolate Names / Geographic Strain Locations
ASBVd-B (FL, USA)1 ASBVd-I (South Africa)
1Predicted detection by in silico analysis only.

None known

For a list of validated hosts, please see the Full Validation Report.

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