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Agdia ImmunoStrip® for Ralstonia solanacearum (Rs)

The Ralstonia solanacearum (Rs) ImmunoStrip® is used to detect the presence of Rs, the causal agent of Southern wilt, Moko disease of banana, and brown rot of potato, in ornamental and vegetable tissues as well as bacterial cultures. All races and biovars of Rs are detected including the USDA PPQ Select Agent, Race 3 biovar 2. The pathogen is frequently found in root, tuber, stem, and petiole tissue. Leaf tissue may also be tested. ImmunoStrips® are the perfect screening tool for use in the field, greenhouse, and the lab.

The Rs ImmunoStrip is a recommended rapid detection tool for R. solanacearum in the USDA Recovery Plan for Ralstonia solanacearum Race 3, Biovar 2. Further confirmation testing is required to determine the race and biovar of positive samples.

If you would prefer to add a field-deployable Race 3 biovar 2 molecular assay to your testing toolkit, please check out Agdia's RsR3B2 AmplifyRP® XRT method.

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Included in ISK Kit:

  • ImmunoStrips®
  • Sample bags containing BEB1 buffer
  • User Guide

Included in STX Item:

Required but Not Included:

  • Scissors
  • Extraction tool
  • Letter holder or other device to hold sample extraction bags upright

For a full list of included items, including sizes, please see the Content List.

Validation Report Summary

Test Format: ImmunoStrip® Lateral Flow Device (LFD)
Capture Reagent: Monoclonal
Detection Reagent: Monoclonal

Full Validation Report

Analytical Sensitivity
Limit of detection: 2.0x104 CFU/mL

Isolate Names / Geographic Strain Locations
Rs, race 1 Rs, race 2
Rs, race 3 Rs, race 3 biovar 2
Rs, race 4 Rs, race 5
Rs-CCLF369 (Mexico)2 Rs-CFPB8695 (Iran)
Rs-GMI1000 (French Guyana) Rs-IPO1609 (Philippines)
Rs-K60 (NC, USA) Rs-MI20 (MI, USA)
Rs-RsT01 (Colombia)1 Rs-UW120 (Costa Rica)
Rs-UW134 (Kenya) Rs-UW141 (Australia)
Rs-UW143 (Australia) Rs-UW145 (Australia)
Rs-UW147 (Australia) Rs-UW149
Rs-UW150 (Australia) Rs-UW151 (Australia)
Rs-UW152 (Australia) Rs-UW153 (Australia)
Rs-UW19 (Colombia) Rs-UW195
Rs-UW196 Rs-UW197 (Philippines)
Rs-UW220 (India) Rs-UW221 (Kenya)
Rs-UW224 (Kenya) Rs-UW225
Rs-UW24 (Israel) Rs-UW252
Rs-UW253 Rs-UW257 (Costa Rica)
Rs-UW260 (Peru) Rs-UW262 (Peru)
Rs-UW264 (China) Rs-UW265 (Taiwan)
Rs-UW272 (Costa Rica) Rs-UW274 (Costa Rica)
Rs-UW276 (Mexico) Rs-UW278 (Mexico)
Rs-UW284 Rs-UW285
Rs-UW286 Rs-UW288
Rs-UW289 (Australia) Rs-UW291
Rs-UW292 Rs-UW293 (Australia)
Rs-UW294 Rs-UW316 (Kenya)
Rs-UW344 (Brazil) Rs-UW347 (Brazil)
Rs-UW348 (Brazil) Rs-UW349 (Brazil)
Rs-UW354 (Brazil) Rs-UW356 (China)
Rs-UW360 (China) Rs-UW361 (China)
Rs-UW363 (China) Rs-UW364 (China)
Rs-UW365 (China) Rs-UW368 (China)
Rs-UW37 (Colombia) Rs-UW373 (China)
Rs-UW386 (Nigeria) Rs-UW391 (Indonesia)
Rs-UW40 (Honduras) Rs-UW41 (Venezuela)
Rs-UW420 (Australia) Rs-UW425 (Australia)
Rs-UW437 (Australia) Rs-UW441 (Australia)
Rs-UW442 (Australia) Rs-UW449 (Peru)
Rs-UW462 (Brazil) Rs-UW466 (Brazil)
Rs-UW470 (Brazil) Rs-UW477 (Peru)
Rs-UW484 (Peru) Rs-UW488 (Brazil)
Rs-UW489 (Chili) Rs-UW490 (Chili)
Rs-UW491 (Colombia) Rs-UW492 (Peru)
Rs-UW495 (Colombia) Rs-UW500 (Indonesia)
Rs-UW501 (Indonesia) Rs-UW504 (Indonesia)
Rs-UW51 (Sri Lanka) Rs-UW523 (France)
Rs-UW550 (Netherlands) Rs-UW551 (Kenya)
Rs-UW72 (Greece) Rs-UW73 (Sri Lanka)
Rs-UW76 (Panama) Rs-UW80 (Colombia)
Rs-UW81 (Colombia) Rs-UW88 (Brazil)
Rs-UW89 (Brazil) Rs-UW97 (HI, USA)

1Rs-RsT01 has been externally reported to be detected.
2Rs-CCLF369 has been externally reported to be detected.

Klebsiella oxytoca1

1Non-plant pathogen. Limit of Detection approximately 108 - 109 CFU/mL.

For a list of validated hosts, please see the Full Validation Report.

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ImmunoStrip® for Ralstonia solancearum (Rs), 5 strips and buffer filled bags
ISK 33900/0005
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ImmunoStrip® for Ralstonia solancearum (Rs), 25 strips and buffer filled bags
ISK 33900/0025
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ImmunoStrips® only for Ralstonia solancearum (Rs) ***BUFFER FILLED BAGS NOT INCLUDED***
STX 33900/0025
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