ImmunoStrip® for CP4 EPSPS (RR) & Bt-Cry1Ab/1Ac

Test Label: NA
Test Format:ImmunoComb® or ImmunoStrip®
Capture Reagent: NA
Detection Reagent: NA

Intended Use:

This ImmunoStrip® test is intended for seed quality purposes to determine the presence of the insect resistance traits (Bt-Cry1Ab or Bt-Cry1Ac) and the Roundup Ready® trait (CP4 EPSPS) in transgenic crops.

This test system has been validated for testing individual cotton seeds.

These ImmunoStrips® are offered in single strips or in comb formats for 48 and 96 well extraction plates.


  • ImmunoComb® or ImmunoStrip®
  • SEB4 sample buffer not included, see related products
  • User Guide

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ImmunoComb® for CP4 EPSPS (RR) & Bt-Cry1Ab/1Ac, 12 combs, 8 strips per comb
STX 74500/0012
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ImmunoStrip® for CP4 EPSPS (RR) & Bt-Cry1Ab/1Ac, 50 strips
STX 74500/0050
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