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Phytodetek® Immunoassay Kit for ABA

Part Number:
PDK 09347/0096
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Test Label: Alkaline Phosphatase
Test Format: Competitive ELISA
Capture Reagent: Monoclonal
Detection Reagent: Enzyme Labeled Hormone (Tracer)

Intended Use:

This Phytodetek® enzyme immunoassay presents a convenient method for the quantitative determination of abscisic acid in a variety of plant tissue. Much like other quantitative methods such as HPLC and GC, the Phytodetek® kits provide an analysis tool with the added benefit of multi sample analysis for a reasonable cost.

The Phytodetek® product line has been serving the scientific community for over 20 years and numerous publications and data have been generated for this test system. Any search engine can be used to find these publications simply by searching the term "Phytodetek®" and "ABA".

Phytodetek® is a registered trademark of Agdia, Inc.


  • Hormone standard strips, ABA
  • Anti-ABA coated strip plate
  • ABA-tracer, alkaline phosphatase
  • TBS buffer, 20X concentrate
  • PNP substrate tablets, 5 mg
  • Substrate diluent
  • PBST buffer, 20X concentrate, 50 ml
  • User Guide