PathoScreen® Kit for Xylella fastidiosa (Xf)

Test Label: Alkaline phosphatase
Test Format: Double Antibody Sandwich (DAS) ELISA
Capture Reagent: Polyclonal
Detection Reagent: Polyclonal

Intended Use:

This ELISA test is a reliable tool for detection of Xylella fastidiosa, the causal agent of bacterial leaf scorch, Pierce's disease, and phony peach. This test system is based on a mixture of antibodies from three serologically distinct isolates of Xf. It detects all of a large panel of Xf isolates, including ones from almond, citrus, grape (8 isolates), elm, mulberry (2 isolates), oak (6 isolates), periwinkle, ragweed, and sycamore.

This system shows no cross-reaction with any healthy tissue tested. This ELISA test reacts positively with samples from oleander plants with the disease.

The highest populations of Xf bacteria occur in petioles of infected plants. When symptoms are evident on leaf surfaces, the bacteria responsible are most likely located in the petioles of affected leaves. We recommend that you use leaf petiole tissue for Xf testing when possible. All other parts of the plant can also be tested with this test system.

Limit of Detection: 2x106 cells/mL


  • Antibody-coated 96-well microtiter plates
  • Alkaline phosphatase enzyme conjugate
  • PNP substrate solution
  • RUB 6, 1x ready-to-use
  • Positive control
  • PBST buffer, 20X concentrate
  • Tween 20
  • General extract buffer, GEB
  • User Guide
  • Tech Note
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