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ImmunoStrip® for DMO, CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry2A & Bt-Cry1Ac

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STX 42900/0050
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Test Label: NA
Test Format: ImmunoComb® or ImmunoStrip®
Capture Reagent: NA
Detection Reagent: NA

Intended Use:

The DMO, CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry2Ab, and Bt-Cry1Ac ImmunoStrips are to be used in transgenic cotton seed for the detection of the following traits: dicamba (DMO protein), Roundup Ready® Flex (CP4 EPSPS protein), and Bollgard II® (Bt-Cry2Ab and Bt-Cry1Ab/1Ac proteins).

This multi-analyte ImmunoStrip® has shown no cross-reactivity with AAD-12, Bt-Cry1F, Pat/bar, or Vip3A proteins. This ImmunoStrip® test is offered in canisters of 50 strips or in 48-well and 96-well comb configurations for high throughput testing applications.

Individual lines are specific for DMO, CP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry2Ab and Bt-Cry1Ac.

Bollgard®, Bollgard II®, Roundup Ready® Flex, and XtendFlex® are registered trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC.


  • ImmunoComb® or ImmunoStrip®
  • SEB4 sample buffer not included, see related products
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