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AmplifyRP® Acceler8® Starter Pack

Part Number:
ACC 00150
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Intended Use:

The AmplifyRP® starter pack includes all the equipment necessary to perform AmplifyRP® Acceler8® reactions.


Portable heat block: The AmplifyRP® portable heat block can hold up to 40 reactions at a constant 39°C. The unit is small and lightweight, weighing only 1.2 lbs, and can be used in laboratory or field environments. If used in the field, a power converter is required.

5µl, 10µl & 25µl mini pipettes: Small reusable fixed volume pipettes for accurately dispensing required AmplifyRP® Acceler8® reagents.

Aerosol pipette tips: Starter packs include one rack of 96 pipette tips which are compatible with the fixed volume mini pipettes. Additional tips can be purchased through Agdia or from any laboratory supplier.

200µl PCR tube rack: This rack is used for securely holding reactions while performing assays.