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ELISA Reagent Set for Erwinia amylovora (Ea)

This ELISA test is a qualitative serological assay for the detection of Erwinia amylovora (Ea), the causal agent of fire blight, in apple and pear leaves, fruit, and stems. Ea is a member of the Erwinia genus known for their primarily rod-shaped Gram-negative bacterial particles. This ELISA also detects Erwinia pyrifoliae, a closely related species known to cause tissue necrosis on pear in Asia and strawberries in Europe.

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  • Capture antibody
  • Detection antibody, bottle A
  • Alkaline phosphatase enzyme conjugate, bottle B
  • 96-well microtiter plates, solid* (*strip in single plate set)
  • User Guide

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Validation Report Summary

Test Label: Alkaline Phosphatase
Test Format: Compound-ELISA
Capture Reagent: Polyclonal
Detection Reagent: Monoclonal

Full Validation Report

Analytical Sensitivity
Limit of detection: 4x105 to 4x106 cells/mL

Isolate Names / Geographic Strain Locations
Ea-CA11 (MI, USA) Ea-CA3R (CA, USA)
Ea-CFBP1430 (France) Ea-CTBT1-1 (CT, USA)
Ea-CTMF03-1 (CT, USA) Ea-CTST01-1 (CT, USA)
Ea-Ea110 (MI, USA) Ea-Ea322 (France)
Ea-Ea7-96 (Canada) Ea-EJP557 (Japan)
Ea-IH3-1 (SC, USA) Ea-LA092 (WA, USA)
Ea-LebB66 (Lebanon) Ea-MAGFLF 2 (MA, USA)
Ea-MASHBO02-2 Ea-MR1 (USA)
Ea-NHSB01-1 (NH, USA) Ea-nydr001
Ea-OR1 (OR, USA) Ea-OR6 (OR, USA)
Ea-VTDMSF02 (VT, USA) Ea-WSDA87-73 (WA, USA)

Erwinia pyrifoliae

For a list of validated hosts, please see the Full Validation Report.

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Reagent Set for Erwinia amylovora (Ea), 96 testwells
SRA 52101/0096
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Reagent Set for Erwinia amylovora (Ea), 500 testwells
SRA 52101/0500
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Reagent Set for Erwinia amylovora (Ea), 1000 testwells
SRA 52101/1000
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Reagent Set for Erwinia amylovora (Ea), 5000 testwells
SRA 52101/5000
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