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ELISA Reagent Set for Citrus tristeza virus (CTV)

This ELISA test is a qualitative serological assay for the detection of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) in leaf and stem of citrus producing plant species. CTV is a member of the Closterovirus genus known for their Non-enveloped, flexuous and exceptionally long, filamentous virus particles. CTV is a phloem limited pathogen and it is important that adequate sample extraction is performed prior to testing. Samples should be taken from young green shoots for best results.

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  • Capture antibody
  • Detection antibody, bottle A
  • Alkaline phosphatase enzyme conjugate, bottle B
  • 96-well microtiter plates, solid* (*strip in single plate set)
  • User Guide

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Validation Report Summary

Test Label: Alkaline Phosphatase
Test Format: Compound-ELISA
Capture Reagent: Polyclonal
Detection Reagent: Monoclonal

Full Validation Report

Analytical Sensitivity
Limit of detection: 1:3,600 dilution of infected tissue (pathogen titer unknown)

Isolate Names / Geographic Strain Locations
CTV-B7 (South Africa) CTV-B12 (Brazil)
CTV-B13 (Brazil) CTV-B14 (Brazil)
CTV-B17 (Brazil) CTV-B23 (Israel)
CTV-B26 (Israel) CTV-B29 (Japan)
CTV-B30 (Japan) CTV-B31 (Japan)
CTV-B35 (Spain) CTV-B37 (China/Taiwan)
CTV-B59 (South Africa) CTV-B65 (China)
CTV-B77 (Brazil) CTV-B140
CTV-B144 (China) CTV-B151 (California)
CTV-B186 (Japan) CTV-B188 (Japan)
CTV-B190 (Japan) CTV-B192 (Corsica)
CTV-B213 (South Korea) CTV-B214
CTV-B310 (Cuba) CTV-B334 (California)
CTV-B352 (California) CTV-FD284 B35
CTV-FD289 B77 CTV-FD302 B12
CTV-FD304 B111 CTV-FD308 B192
CTV-FD317 B31 CTV-FD320 B31
CTV-FD321 B77 CTV-FD331 B188
CTV-FD333 B67 CTV-FD337 B65
CTV-FL216 CTV-FL278 (Florida)
CTV-FS674 (Florida) CTV-T30 (mild) (Florida)
CTV-T36 (severe) (Florida) CTV-92
CTV-107 CTV-150 (California)
CTV-162 (California) CTV-519
CTV-558 CTV-93179

None Known

For a list of validated hosts, please see the Full Validation Report.

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Reagent Set for Citrus tristeza virus (CTV), 96 testwells
SRA 78900/0096
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Reagent Set for Citrus tristeza virus (CTV), 500 testwells
SRA 78900/0500
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Reagent Set for Citrus tristeza virus (CTV), 1000 testwells
SRA 78900/1000
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Reagent Set for Citrus tristeza virus (CTV), 5000 testwells
SRA 78900/5000
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