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ELISA Reagent Set for Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)

This ELISA test is a qualitative serological assay for the detection of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) in ornamental and vegetable leaves. CMV is a member of the Cucumovirus genus known for their non-enveloped, spherical virus particles.

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  • Capture antibody
  • Detection antibody, bottle A
  • Alkaline phosphatase enzyme conjugate, bottle B
  • 96-well microtiter plates, solid* (*strip in single plate set)
  • User Guide

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Validation Report Summary

Test Label: Alkaline Phosphatase
Test Format: Compound-ELISA
Capture Reagent: Polyclonal
Detection Reagent: Monoclonal

Full Validation Report

Analytical Sensitivity
Limit of detection: 1:97,200 dilution of infected tissue (pathogen titer unknown)

Isolate Names / Geographic Strain Locations
CMV ATCC® PV-59™ (Sugar beet isolate) (AZ, USA) CMV-#1, 10/26/63 (USA)
CMV-#10 (China) CMV-#11 (China)
CMV-#12 (China) CMV-#14 (China)
CMV-#2 (China) CMV-#3 (China)
CMV-#4 not seed transmissible (CA, USA) CMV-#5 (China)
CMV-1 (USA) CMV-100 (New Zealand)
CMV-101 (New Zealand) CMV-107 (New Zealand)
CMV-110 (New Zealand) CMV-116 (New Zealand)
CMV-119 (New Zealand) CMV-16 (Japan)
CMV-1A1 (IL, USA) CMV-205
CMV-223 (New Zealand) CMV-25
CMV-2A1 (IL, USA) CMV-88 (New Zealand)
CMV-90 (New Zealand) CMV-92
CMV-93 CMV-94 (New Zealand)
CMV-97 (New Zealand) CMV-98 (New Zealand)
CMV-Ala1 (AL, USA) CMV-Ala3 (AL, USA)
CMV-BCM (Taiwan) CMV-C (Campbell) (ATCC® PV-453™) (CA, USA)
CMV-C105 (MI, USA) CMV-C107 (IN, USA)
CMV-C109 (CA, USA) CMV-C296 (AZ, USA)
CMV-C297 (AZ, USA) CMV-C310 (GA, USA)
CMV-CD (Commelina) (ATCC® PV-30™) (MD, USA) CMV-CNU-1 (South Korea)1
CMV-D (France) CMV-F10 (Taiwan)
CMV-F354 seed transmissible (CA, USA) CMV-Fny (NY, USA)
CMV-Fny (ATCC® PV-548™) (NY, USA) CMV-ICS (Indonesia)
CMV-Ixora (Philippines) CMV-K8 (ATCC® PV-634™) (Italy)
CMV-Kaper S (ATCC® PV-242™) CMV-LS (NY, USA)
CMV-M (ATCC® PV-546™) (England) CMV-M426 (IN, USA)
CMV-M48 (Taiwan) CMV-Mal1 (USA)
CMV-NN CMV-NT4 (Taiwan)
CMV-NT9 (Taiwan) CMV-O (Australia)
CMV-O (ATCC® PV-543™) CMV-O30
CMV-O69 (FL, USA) CMV-P1018 (Taiwan)
CMV-P117 (Taiwan) CMV-P1347 (Taiwan)
CMV-P1360 (Taiwan) CMV-P1369 (Taiwan)
CMV-P1370 (Taiwan) CMV-P1441 (Taiwan)
CMV-P1471 (Taiwan) CMV-P1624 (Taiwan)
CMV-P1628 (Taiwan) CMV-P184 (Taiwan)
CMV-P1886 (Taiwan) CMV-P1927 (Taiwan)
CMV-P1929 (Taiwan) CMV-P212 (Taiwan)
CMV-P2469 (Taiwan) CMV-P2853 (Taiwan)
CMV-P2874 (Taiwan) CMV-P2875 (Taiwan)
CMV-P2878 (Taiwan) CMV-P3 (Taiwan)
CMV-P427 (Taiwan) CMV-P522 (Taiwan)
CMV-P6 (Price's No. 6) (ATCC® PV-545™) (NJ, USA) CMV-P600 (Taiwan)
CMV-P652 (Taiwan) CMV-P661 (Taiwan)
CMV-P888 (Taiwan) CMV-P922
CMV-P959 (Taiwan) CMV-Peet (Taiwan)
CMV-PY (Price's Yellow) (ATCC® PV-544™) (NJ, USA) CMV-Q (Australia)
CMV-Q (ATCC® PV-289™) (Australia) CMV-R (France)
CMV-R76B (England) CMV-Rm (France)
CMV-RS12 (Taiwan) CMV-RS15 (Taiwan)
CMV-S (South Africa) CMV-S2A (NY, USA)
CMV-S390 (TX, USA) CMV-Syn (NY, USA)
CMV-Syn (ATCC® PV-547™) (NY, USA) CMV-T (Australia)
CMV-T118 (Japan) CMV-T2373 (Taiwan)
CMV-T2374 (Taiwan) CMV-Type 1 (ATCC® PV-29™) (WI, USA)
CMV-U (Austraila) CMV-V131
CMV-V132 CMV-V135
CMV-V299 CMV-V318
CMV-V348 CMV-V360
CMV-V388 CMV-V389 (Italy)
CMV-V395 CMV-V396
CMV-V397 CMV-V398
CMV-V399 CMV-V403
CMV-V404 CMV-Watercress
CMV-WT (WI, USA) CMV-Y (Japan)
CMV-Y (ATCC® PV-540™) (Japan)

1CMV-CNU-1 has been externally reported to be detected.

None Known

For a list of validated hosts, please see the Full Validation Report.

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Reagent Set for Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), 96 testwells
SRA 44501/0096
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Reagent Set for Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), 500 testwells
SRA 44501/0500
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Reagent Set for Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), 1000 testwells
SRA 44501/1000
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Reagent Set for Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), 5000 testwells
SRA 44501/5000
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