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ImmunoStrip® for Plum pox virus (PPV)

Capture Reagent: Polyclonal
Detection Reagent: Polyclonal

Intended Use:

The PPV ImmunoStrip® is an on-site test for rapid detection of Plum pox virus in leaves of stone fruit species.

Plum pox virus (Sharka disease) is an aphid transmitted potyvirus that can cause significant loss of yield and marketability of stone fruit (peaches, plum, cherry, etc). PPV is found around the world and is of particular importance in Europe and other Mediterranean regions. PPV detections have been confirmed in the U.S. and Canada in the late 1990's and early 2000's which instigated large scale testing and eradication programs due to the severity of the disease.

Agdia's PPV ImmunoStrip® is easy to use and can be completed on-site with little or no skill required. Results are available in just minutes with a maximum run time of 20 minutes. A convenient property of the PPV ImmunoStrip® is that it was designed to run in GEB4 extraction buffer; the same extraction buffer used in Agdia's PPV ELISA (USDA approved testing method for PPV) as well as the AmplifyRP® DNA / RNA detection platform. This allows current ELISA users to confirm results by another testing method using the same sample extract.

The PPV ImmunoStrip® has been validated against all known strains of PPV including PPV-An, PPV-C, PPV-CR, PPV-D, PPV-EA, PPV-M, PPV-Rec, PPV-T, and PPV-W.

Kit (ISK) Includes:

  • ImmunoStrips®
  • Sample bags containing GEB4 buffer
  • User Guide

ImmunoStrips® Only (STX) Includes:

  • ImmunoStrips®
  • GEB4 extraction buffer purchased separately
Option Unit Purchase
ImmunoStrip® for Plum pox virus (PPV), 5 strips & buffer filled bags
ISK 31505/0005
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ImmunoStrip® for Plum pox virus (PPV), 25 strips & buffer filled bags
ISK 31505/0025
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ImmunoStrips® only for Plum pox virus (PPV) ***BUFFER FILLED BAGS NOT INCLUDED***
STX 31505/0025
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