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ImmunoStrip® for Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV)

Test Label: Colloidal gold
Test Format: ImmunoStrip®
Capture Reagent: Polyclonal
Detection Reagent: Polyclonal

Intended Use:

The Maize dwarf mosaic virus ImmunoStrip® is an on-site tool to quickly detect the presence of MDMV in corn and other gramineous crops.

Maize dwarf mosaic virus is a potyvirus that naturally infects members of the Poaceae (grass) family, such as corn, sorghum and Johnson grass. It is transmitted by corn seed and by a broad range of aphids in a non-persistent manner. Visual symptoms include mosaic or mottle, commonly near the base of young leaves, which under hot weather may turn into chlorosis. Severe infection may induce stunting and poor seed.

The ImmunoStrip® test is an ideal screening tool for field inspection, scouting and disease diagnosing in general. The test requires no equipment or expertise to run. Results are obtained in as little as a few minutes making them perfect for use in the field or greenhouse.

The MDMV ImmunoStrip® is specific to MDMV and does not cross-react with other pathogens that may infect gramineous, such as Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV), Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV (BYDV-PAV), Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV (CYDV-RPV), Barley yellow dwarf virus-RMV (BYDV-RMV), Barley yellow dwarf virus-SGV (BYDV-SGV), Brome mosaic virus (BMV), Corn stunt spiroplasma (Css), Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), High plains virus (HPV), Johnson grass mosaic virus (JGMV), Maize chlorotic mottle virus (MCMV), Maize mosaic virus (MMV), Maize stripe virus (MSpV), Maize white line mosaic virus (MWLMV), Pantoea stewartii (Pstew), Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV), Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus (WSSMV), Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV), Ustilago maydis (corn smut).

No host reactions were observed when testing healthy corn, Johnson grass or sorghum leaf tissue, and sorghum seeds.

Kit (ISK) Includes:

  • ImmunoStrips®
  • Sample bags containing SEB1 buffer
  • User Guide

ImmunoStrips® Only (STX) Includes:

  • ImmunoStrips®
  • SEB1 extraction buffer purchased separately
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ImmunoStrip® for Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV), 5 strips & buffer filled bags
ISK 18000/0005
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ImmunoStrip® for Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV), 25 strips & buffer filled bags
ISK 18000/0025
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ImmunoStrips® only for Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV) ***BUFFER FILLED BAGS NOT INCLUDED***
STX 18000/0025
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