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ImmunoStrip® for DMO

Part Number:
STX 29800/0050
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Test Label: NA
Test Format: ImmunoStrip®
Capture Reagent: Monoclonal
Detection Reagent: Monoclonal

Intended Use:

This ImmunoStrip® test is intended for seed quality purposes to determine the presence or absence of DMO protein in transgenic soybean.

This test system can be used to test individual soybean and soybean leaf or detect 1 transgenic DMO seed in 400 soybean seeds (0.25 %).

The DMO ImmunoStrip® has shown no cross-reaction with other transgenic proteins in soybean seed and leaf including AAD-12, 2mEPSPS, PAT/pat, CP4 EPSPS, HPPD, Bt-Cry1Ac, and Bt-Cry1F.


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  • SEB4 sample buffer not included, see related products
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