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InvictDetect™ ImmunoStrip®

Part Number:
ISK 49700/0010
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Intended Use:

InvictDetect is a field-deployable diagnostic kit that allows simple and fast identification of *Solenopsis invicta*, commonly known as the red imported fire ant (RIFA). RIFA is reponsible for billions of dollars of damage, annually, to the agricultural industry. More importantly, it poses a safety risk to human and animal health. InvictDetect takes the guesswork out of identification because it is 100% specific to the soli2 protein found in RIFA venom. The protocol is simple to follow and provides the user with results in only 10 minutes.

Kit (ISK) Includes:

  • InvictDetect ImmunoStrips (10 Tests)
  • Ant extraction buffer 2 (AEB2)
  • 100 µL exact volume pipettes
  • 1.5 mL microcentifuge tubes
  • User Guide
  • Tech Note

*** WARNING *** Sample collection tools are not included with this kit. While collecting ants for testing, handle with caution. Red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) stings can cause local and systemic allergic reactions.