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AmplifyRP® Acceler8® for LChV2 (Little cherry virus 2)

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ACS 85601/0008
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Test Label: Biotin labeled primer / Fam labeled probe
Test Format: AmplifyRP Acceler8

AmplifyRP Acceler8 for LChV2 is a rapid RNA amplification and detection platform designed for field-based or laboratory testing of cherry crops for Little cherry virus 2.

Little cherry virus 2 (LChV2) is the causal agent of little cherry disease in sweet cherry and is found in North America and other parts of the world (Mekuria et al, 2014). The pathogen is a mealybug-transmitted virus and does not induce significant foliar symptoms in most sweet cherry cultivars, but does cause virus-infected trees to yield unevenly ripened small fruits with poor flavor (Mekuria et al, 2014).

AmplifyRP Acceler8 enables users to rapidly amplify and test for LChV2 RNA at a single operating temperature using only a crude sample extract. Amplified product is then tested in an Amplicon Detection Chamber where clear "yes / no" results are read visually on a lateral flow strip (much like a pregnancy test). The entire testing process can be completed in as little as 30 minutes by users of any skill level.

Notably, this test has demonstrated equivalent or, in some instances, better sensitivity than a currently used RT-PCR method (Mekuria et al, 2014) when testing samples from symptomatic trees.

AmplifyRP Acceler8 for LChV2 has been validated against multiple isolates collected throughout Washington State growing regions. It does not cross-react with other distinct pathogens known to cause symptoms of little cherry disease such as Little cherry virus 1 and Western X Phytoplasma.


T.A. Mekuria et al. / Journal of Virological Methods 205 (2014) 24-30


  • Acceler8 reaction pellets (8)
  • Amplicon detection chambers (8)
  • PD1 Pellet diluent (1.0 ml)
  • GEB3 sample extraction bags (8)
  • 1µl transfer loops (10)
  • User Guide

NOTE: First time users of AmplifyRP Acceler8 technology will need to purchase a starter pack that includes necessary equipment to perform assays. See related items for more details.

The reaction pellets contained in this kit must be stored in a freezer (-20°C) upon receipt.