Membrane Kit for Begomo

IMPORTANT: U.S. law requires that plant materials entering the U.S. from foreign countries are first inspected by a USDA APHIS inspection station. This permit packet facilitates that process and is required to submit membranes to our laboratory. Membranes that are shipped absent a permit packet will be destroyed upon arrival. To order a NAK Permit Packet please click here.

Intended Use:

The Begomovirus nucleic acid hybridization assay is designed to detect a broad range of virus species within the Begomovirus genus. Probes used in processing this test target "New World" begomoviruses and Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV). "New World" begomoviruses include, but are not limited to, the following species: Tomato mottle virus (ToMoV), Squash leaf curl virus (SLCV), Tomato severe leaf curl virus (ToSLCV), Pepper golden mosaic virus (PepGMV), and Bean golden yellow mosaic virus (BGYMV).

This test is suitable for testing leaf tissue in the following crops: bean, cotton, pepper, cucurbit, and tomato.