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ImmunoStrip® for Tobacco etch virus (TEV)

Test Label: NA
Test Format: ImmunoStrip®
Capture Reagent: Polyclonal
Detection Reagent: Polyclonal

Intended Use:

The Tobacco etch virus ImmunoStrip® is an on-site tool to quickly detect the presence of TEV in solanaceous crops.

Tobacco etch virus is a Potyvirus that naturally infects members of the solanaceae family. It is an aphid transmitted pathogen. Visual symptoms include mottling, puckering and wrinkling on leaves of infected plants.

The ImmunoStrip® test is an ideal screening tool for field inspection, scouting and disease diagnosing in general. The test requires no equipment or expertise to run. Results are obtained in as little as a few minutes making them perfect for use in the field or greenhouse.

The TEV ImmunoStrip® demonstrated 100% sensitivity when testing more than 18 known isolates of TEV.

This assay was also tested for cross-reactivity against other pathogens including Alfalfa mosaic virus - AMV, Barley stripe virus - BSMV, Broad bean wilt virus 1 - BBWV1, Broad bean wilt virus 2 - BBWV2, Chilli veinal mottle virus - ChiVMV, Cucumber mosaic virus - CMV, Pepino mosaic virus - PepMV, Pepper mottle virus - PepMoV,Potato virus Y - PVY, Tobacco mosaic virus - TMV, Tobacco ringspot virus - TRSV, Tobacco vein mottling virus - TVMV, Tomato mosaic virus - ToMV, Tomato ringspot virus - ToRSV, Tomato spotted wilt virus - TSWV, and Watermelon mosaic virus 2 - WMV2. No cross-reactivity with these pathogens was observed.

No host reactions were observed when testing African Violet, Pepper, Petunia, Tobacco, Tomato or Tomatillo.

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ImmunoStrips® Only (STX) Includes:

  • ImmunoStrips®
  • SEB1 extraction buffer purchased separately
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ImmunoStrip® for Tobacco etch virus (TEV), 5 strips & buffer filled bags
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ImmunoStrip® for Tobacco etch virus (TEV), 25 strips & buffer filled bags
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ImmunoStrips® only for Tobacco etch virus (TEV) ***BUFFER FILLED BAGS NOT INCLUDED***
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