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  • Product Overview
    • Test Label: NA
      Test Format: ImmunoStrip
      Capture Reagent: Polyclonal
      Detection Reagent: Monoclonal

      Intended Use:

      The Phytophthora ImmunoStrip is designed for on-site testing of plant tissues suspected of infection with Phytophthora species. The test is recommended for use as a preliminary screening tool in survey programs for Phytophthora species such as P. ramorum (Sudden Oak Death) and P. kernoviae. The test is also suitable for detection of Phytophthora species that affect other important crops such as P. fragariae in strawberry or P. infestans in potato.

  • Technical Information
    • Test Specificity:The following species of Phytophthora are detected by ImmunoStrip: P. alticola-type , P. asparagi, P. alni, P. boehmeriae, P. bisheria, P. cambivora, P. cactorum, P. cajani, P. canalensis, P. capsici, P. cinnamomi var parvispora, P. cinnamomi var robiniae, P. citricola, P citrophthora, P. cryptogea, P. drechsleri, P. europaea, P. erythroseptica, P. fragariae var fragariae, P. fragariae var rubi, P. gonapodyides, P. glovera, P. heveae, P. hibernalis, P. infestans (tested in six isolates),P. kernoviae, P. lagoariana, P. lavándula, P. lateralis, P. meadii, P. medicaginis, P. megasperma, P. melonis, P. nemorosa, P. nicotianae, P. niederhauserii, P. palmivora, P. pistaciae, P. porri, P. pseudotsuga, P. quercina, P. ramorum, P. richardiae, P. taxon Agatis (PTA), P. sinensis, P. siskiyouensis, P. sojae, P. syringae, P. tentaculata, P. tropicalis, and P. uliginosa.

      *Some species of Pythium are detected by the ImmunoStrip, including P. sylvaticum, and P. paroecandrum. P. heterothalicum, P. aphanidermatum, P. vanterpoolii

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